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The SPN Rare Ships Newsletter
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The SPN Rare Ships Newsletter
Contact: spnweirdnews[at]fastmail[dot]net

This newsletter collects links to SPN and SPN RPF fanworks that are off the beaten path, showcasing ships that often get lost among fic and art of more popular pairings. Our focus is on rare ships, which we define as anything other than Sam/Dean, Dean/Castiel, and Jared/Jensen, Sam/Gabriel, and Sam/Lucifer. However, at some point in the future we'd like to expand to genfic as well. We are presently a biweekly newsletter.

We also have several Tumblrs that you are welcome to follow! This is a mirror of our fic newsletter posts here on LJ, and SPN Weird Art News reblogs rare ship art on Tumblr.

If you'd like to have our entries appear on your flist, just watch the comm; no need to join. All content is posted unlocked, and all requests for membership will be rejected.

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